Video: The 4 Undeniable Truths of the Millennial Takeover


Millennials are being called a whole bunch of things nowadays: entitled, lazy, self-absorbed. Some companies go as far as saying they are useless — ouch, right? It’s because these companies are trying to manage versus lead. Their traditional ways of motivating are simply ineffective and no longer work. Everyone has their own opinion about millennials, but despite all their negative labels and stigmas, millennials truly are game changers, and I have proof.

First, I am a millennial; I have succeeded as a millennial; and I have personally trained tens of thousands of millennials over the past 10+ years. I know from experience that if you get to know them, figure out what drives them, hit their “hot buttons” and genuinely believe in them, they will shock you. They refuse to settle unlike older generations. They will go the extra mile and then some if it’s something they are passionate about. Millennials are flat out ambitious and want to make an impact on this world, but will quickly rebel if you try to control them or limit their creative genius.

Times are rapidly changing. When you dig deep into society’s current state, you’ll quickly realize that millennials have unlimited potential. They are on the brink of starting one of the most influential movements this world has ever seen. Get ready for the takeover.

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